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Remos G3/600 - Major Fuselage Repair

This Remos made an off-field emergency landing in rough terrain shearing off the landing gear and damaging the forward fuselage.

Disassembled fuselage mounted
in universal repair fixture.
Initial damage removal
and repair assessment.

Preliminary repairs started and
layout of external carbon plies.
Left hand fuselage
skin layups in progress.
Molded panel fabricated
for right hand side of fuselage.
Molded panel bonded in place
and ready for final scarfing.
Final carbon layups over scarfed
right hand side close-out panel.
Peel ply of final nose gear
structural mount layups.
Painted reconstruction. Landing gear setup
and firewall reconstruction.
Reassembly complete
and ready for test flight.
Remos G3/600 returned to service.