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Multiple Composite Repairs on Lancair/Columbia 300

The damage to this Columbia 300 was the result of attempting to land in a dust devil. The airplane went out of control off the runway impacting both wing tips
on the ground then hitting an embankment shearing off the nose gear and damaging the main gear. Additional major damage occurred by a third-party during recovery
and transportation. Poorly fitting and improperly padded cradles and supports caused compression damage to the skin's honeycomb core at multiple points on the aircraft.

Right wing tip lower surface damage. Right wing tip upper surface damage.

Left wing tip damage, scarfed and
prepped for core replacement and layups.
Right wing tip with molded
lower skin fitted and bonded.
These hard supports damaged
the fuselage and lower wing skins.
Typical lower wing damage from
improper support during transport..
Left forward fuselage support damage. Right foward fuselage support damage.
Right aft fuselage support damage. Left aft fuselage support damage. The wing tip as well as all other repairs
were completed as good as new..
Columbia 300 aircraft repairs completed, reassembled and returned to service..