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Major Composite Sailplane Repair on a DG-400

This wing damage was the result of an off field landing with severe ground loop.
This repair was conducted at the former Minden, Nevada location.

DG-400 sailplane repair on wing by Mansberger Aircraft Sailplane repair completed by Mansberger Aircraft DG-400 sailplane realignment of root ribs - Mansberger Aircraft
Top and bottom wing root skins
buckled from fore and aft loadings.
Buckled skins and root ribs
delaminated from wing spar.

Realignment of root ribs. Wing twist
was reset with the bonding of new skins.
Newly molded wing skins on sailplane repair by Mansberger Aircraft Sailplane wing repair proof loaded - Mansberger Aircraft DG-400 Sailplane repair complete and returned to service by Mansberger Aircraft
Newly molded bottom and aft skins bonded in place. After closeout and final skin
layups, wing was proof-loaded.
Weight and balance performed
followed by return to service.