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Mansberger Aircraft has a unique skill set and knowledge base which we recently started applying to wind turbine research and development. Modern wind turbine design has challenged my intuition since I first viewed with awe the large scale wind turbine farms of west Texas. Since composite aircraft design has been a long time passion, it was only natural that I would be drawn to understanding and improving on the state of the art of wind turbine design. This page is an introduction to some of these efforts. Included are the initial research papers which explain the theory behind the endeavors and soon to follow will be photos of the prototype and testing which is underway for a new patent pending design.


[2016] Thermodynamic Wind Turbine Model Addendum (Larry L. Mansberger)

[2015] Corrected Momentum and Energy Equations Disprove Betz's Limit (Larry L. Mansberger)

[2015] A Fundamental Revision of Wind Turbine Design Theory, Mansberger Blade Element Theory M-BET (Larry L. Mansberger)