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Completed major structural composite repair by Mansberger Aircraft on Diamond Aircraft DA20-C1

N747XL ASW 20

Completed major composite repair by Mansberger Aircraft on Lancair Columbia 300

Completed canopy repair and replacement  by Mansberger Aircraft on Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus

Completed Windshield Replacement by Mansberger Aircraft on N356CA Columbia 350


"You and your team did a marvelous job all around. I am very
pleased that Diamond was able to recommend you for the job."
Customer: Frank Johnson

"Please feel free to use my name as a reference for your work. My Columbia window crack repair
has held up and still looks great. Best of luck."
Customer: Skip Warren

"I want to let you know that I think that you and your crew did a remarkable renovation on a severely damaged aircraft.  Not only did it look like brand new, but it flew flawlessly...  We never came close to having to test the newly installed parachute... If you ever need a letter of recommendation don't hesitate to ask."
Customer: Steve Walker

"Larry, I only can say that you and your team did an excellent job on the repair of the aircraft. Working with you on this project was a pleasure. If other customers have a damaged aircraft I will not hesitate to recommend your company. Thanks a lot."
REMOS Aircraft, Head of Engineering & Design: Christian Majunke

"Thanks for the great job you did. Everyone that sees it can't believe that it was damaged and repaired. The fiberglass areas you rebuilt on the fuselage and wings are perfectly smooth and indistinguishable from original. The very difficult task of getting the landing gear bulkhead aligned perfectly so the aircraft sets on the ground with the wings level and to track straight during taxi and landing as well as restoring the structural integrity and original shape was all accomplished perfectly. You work was also accomplished in a timely manner."
Customer: Dave Vroom

"First let me say that I enjoyed meeting with you last week, and am
very impressed with the quality of your work and the organization of your shop...
Again, Larry, I have the utmost of confidence in you and Mansberger Aircraft."
Customer: Rock Swanson

"No one could ever tell that it had been damaged, and when I tell people, they think that I am pulling their legs. You and your staff did a wonderful job on the construction. We have been singing the praises of Mansberger Aircraft here on the East coast, but the seeing the Grob says it best!"
Customer: R. Herman

"Thank you for the thorough repair work and inspection on my Jantar." Customer: Doug

"You are a class act and I'm glad I am able to know you and do business with you."
Customer: Lee Hallerberg

"You did a beautiful job on the refinish/restoration and I very much appreciate your efforts.
The ship flys great and actually weighs in less than some non-refinished 20s down here."
Customer: Eric Larson

"I wanted to tell you again how pleased I am with the way the wings turned out..."
Customer: Ken Ward


Completed major structural composite repair by Mansberger Aircraft on Columbia 350


Completed Major Structural Composite Repair By Mansberger Aircraft on N134LS Remos

Composite Amsoil Racer Museum Restoration by Mansberger Aircraft